Blood Ties

Indicates *Translated from the Urdu*

by Ermintrude

Prologue—Sibi, on the Eastern side of the Bolan Pass in Pakistan, on the way from Afghanistan.

A line of trucks slowly made their way through the dusty streets of a village on the eastern side of the Bolan Pass. A beggar sat against a building in the shade and watched the convoy pass. He was clothed in a turban and voluminous dusty and worn robes. His feet wore old but surprisingly serviceable sandals. His face was bearded and lined from a hard life, but his eyes were bright and missed nothing. In front of him was a worn begging bowl, and beside him was a much-used and patched wooden crutch. As the trucks lumbered by, he pulled out a small notebook and a worn pencil and made some notes.

He waited several minutes after the convoy had passed, and the dust had settled, then he carefully tucked the notebook and pencil away within his robes. He gathered his alms bowl and hoisted his crutch and slowly made his way to a hotel several blocks away from the village square. He waved at the concierge as he passed and stepped behind the main desk into the room beyond. Inside a young male telephone operator manned an ancient plug-and-wire switchboard. The beggar nodded at the operator, and passed the man some money. The operator passed the beggar a sheet of paper and the beggar wrote down a telephone number, complete with country code. The young operator dialed it—made sure the connection had gone through and handed the headset to the beggar. The beggar heard the telephone ringing on the other end.

“International Federal Film. How may I help you?”

“I need to get a message to the Scarecrow in Washington, D.C. please.”

“What message do you wish to leave?”

“Tell him that the Beggar has seen hot cargo coming in and he needs to come to Sibi near the Bolan Pass or else the club will gain another member.”

“I’ll see that he gets the message.”

“Please expedite it, this is urgent.”

“I’ll do that.”

“Thank you.”

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Season 7, Episode 4 – Blood Ties

Virtual Season 7 of Scarecrow and Mrs. King continues with a little undercover work.

When an old contact of Scarecrow’s sends an urgent message regarding rumored use of US military hardware to create nuclear weapons, Lee and Amanda find themselves working the case separately – on opposite ends of the world.

Lee is forced to go undercover in Pakistan while Amanda reconnects with a few old friends as they try to put together the puzzle.

Will Scarecrow be able to put the pieces together in time or will he find more than he bargained for?

Find out when the next all new and exciting episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King airs on Friday, November 14th at 8:00 pm ET


by Jennifer Cannon


Friday, October 20, 1989

Mont Claire Sanitarium

11:00 AM

No change.

That was the phrase Dr. Bill Walker heard every time he visited his stepfather. The people who said this to him always had an expression of pity on their faces, probably wondering why he would take the time to visit a man that psychiatric medicine had termed a lost cause. They wouldn’t understand, Bill thought. No one could possibly understand what was driving him.

No change.

Looking through the metal grille that covered the door, Bill could see him, His stepfather was wrapped in a straitjacket and rocking back and forth, talking, always rambling and ranting at people that only he could see. The doctors at the Sanitarium called it a Dissociative Mental Break—another term for a nervous breakdown¬—and they said the outlook was bleak.

No change.

Soon things would change. Dr. Bill Walker would make sure of it. Taking a deep breath, he pushed open the door.

“Good morning,” he said, forcing a cheerful smile. The eyes of his stepfather, the former Dr. Ted Glaser, looked up at him and for a split second Bill was sure that there was some recognition there. It vanished as quickly as it came, however.

“Ogden, haven’t I told you not to bother me while I’m working?” Ted snapped.

“Sorry, dad—Dr. Glaser,” Bill said, assuming the role of his father’s old colleague who’d died of a heart attack in prison over two years before.

“It doesn’t matter,” Ted said. “We’re close to a breakthrough on Stetson—the one that we failed to make with Kimball. I think this time we might succeed.”

“I know,” Bill said. At this point he didn’t care whether his stepfather understood him or not-he had to tell somebody. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I spoke to mother today, and she gave me all of your case files—the ones you kept copies of in case the originals were ever destroyed, remember?”

“Remember?” Ted’s eyes flashed. “That’s a dangerous word, Ogden. I remember the day that—it was that Mrs. King wasn’t it? She ruined my plans—Stetson and Melrose—took apart my lab, destroyed all my work. My work. They even took Lester away.” Dr. Glaser started rocking again, tears streaming down his face and a keening sound coming from his open mouth.

“They didn’t take Lester away,” Bill said, grabbing the stuffed duck from the nearby bed and placing it into his stepfather’s straitjacketed arms. “He’s right here.” This simple act seemed to calm the older man, who placed his cheek on top of the duck’s head.

“Lester Duck is my friend,” Ted said. “Lester wants me to destroy—destroy them all.”

“We will dad,” Bill said. “I’ll make sure they all pay for what they did to you.”

“Lester is my friend. He’s my friend. Lester Duck is my friend.” Ted chanted the phrase over and over as though it was his personal mantra. Bill couldn’t take any more. He walked out of the room, nearly bumping into Dr. Graham.

“How is your stepfather today?” Dr. Graham asked.

“No change,” Bill said shortly, brushing past the man.

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Season 7, Episode 3 – Spooks

Scarecrow and Mrs. King Virtual Season 7 continues with a warning for everyone. BEWARE of things from the past – they could come back to haunt you!

Lee is ordered by Doctor Smyth to begin sessions with a therapist or face suspension from his job.  Meanwhile, Amanda and the boys begin making preparations for an upcoming Halloween party.

But, when Lee begins to display some rather odd and unexpected behavioral changes, Francine stumbles upon an overlooked clue that might mean the difference between a happy teenage party or a Halloween turned deadly nightmare.

Be sure to catch the next episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King on Friday, October 31st at 8:00pm ET!

Even The Mighty Shall Fall

by Anne


Englischer Garten Park Bench

Munich, West Germany

Monday, October 9, 1989

3:30 PM

The sun shone although the autumn air was cool and crisp. A tall, dirty-blond haired man sat on a park bench over looking the gardens reading a newspaper. He glanced at his watch again, shaking his head. He could hear a man’s shoes clicking on the sidewalk beside him. The short stocky man stopped, standing behind the bench.

“Du bist spät,” said the taller man, not turning around.


“Do you have information I requested?”

“Yes. Do you have my payment?”

The taller man took the manila packet from the other man, and then handed over a small envelope. “Here’s the agreed payment. This better be worth it.”

The stocky short man opened the small envelope, beginning to count the bills.

“Don’t do that here,” the tall man hissed.

“Yeah, right,” his companion apologized stuffing the envelope into his jacket pocket, then quickly walked away.

The tall man scanned the file. A smile formed on his lips. “Very interesting, so he does have an Achilles heel,” he said raising his eyebrows. “I have found the match that will burn our dear Scarecrow.” Read more »

Season 7, Episode 2 – Even The Mighty Shall Fall

Virtual Season 7 of Scarecrow and Mrs. King continues with an assignment abroad and a familiar face.

MI-6 agent Emily Farnsworth reunites with Scarecrow on assignment in Berlin as part of an International Task Force whose mission is to keep Premier Mikhail Gorbachev from being assassinated by terrorists who will stop at nothing to prevent Germany’s reunification.

Will Emily and Lee be able to stop them in time or will this mission be their last?

Be sure to catch the next episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King on Friday, October 17th at 8:00pm ET!

The Trouble with Ashley

by Jennifer Cannon


Georgetown University, Washington DC

Sunday, October 1, 1989

10:30 PM

“Mallory?” Lisa Cantin called out as she knocked on the door. “Look I know you’re upset about Jeff going out with Brandi, but this is nuts. Come on out.”

No answer. Lisa sighed. “Everyone misses you. It’s no fun having a birthday party when the birthday girl isn’t there. Mallory!” A guy, holding a beer and none too steady on his feet, gave Lisa a curious look as he passed, probably wondering why she was standing there yelling at a door. Lisa ignored him.

“I’m getting pretty sick of this. Are you coming out or not?” More silence. Lisa took her key out of her pocket.

“Okay you know what?” Lisa put the key in the lock. “I’m coming in anyway—it’s my room too, and you’re going back to this stupid party even if I have to drag you there—Mallory?”

The room was pitch black, the shades drawn over the windows. The only noise that could be heard was the soft whirring of a fan. Lisa swallowed hard, feeling her heart racing in her chest. This wasn’t normal. Even when Mallory went to bed she usually left the television on.

“Mallory?” Lisa reached up with a shaking hand to flip the light switch. The next sight that she saw caused her to gasp, falling to her knees because her shaking legs would no longer support her weight.

“Mallory,” Lisa whispered. But there was no reply from her roommate who was sprawled across the bed, and whose now-sightless eyes stared back at her. Read more »

Season 7, Episode 1 – The Trouble with Ashley

Virtual Season 7 of Scarecrow and Mrs. King premiers Friday, October 3rd with a deadly bang.

When one daughter of a Federal Judge is murdered, the other one is placed under protective custody at Lee and Amanda’s home.

Will they be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together in time to catch the murderer before he strikes again or will the killer catch them first?

Be sure to catch the premier episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King on Friday, October 3rd at 8:00pm ET!

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