The Art of War, Conclusion

Act 4

Secret! Secret!

There is nothing for which one cannot employ spies.

- Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Thursday Morning

Gaithersburg, MD

Carrie King looked about the clutter that Amanda and the boys, not to mention little Emily had brought into her house in the last hour.

She had no problem taking them in, but they certainly did come with some baggage, physical and emotional.

Jamie looked pale and thinner than when she had seen him last.  Though she wasn’t as close to the boys as she might like, Carrie did recognize the boy was having as tough a time dealing with Joe’s death as she was.

She felt a bit guilty, but knowing that he was struggling too somehow made her feel a little bit better.

Phillip on the other hand seemed mad at the world.  Amanda had said that Phillip wasn’t happy about missing school and hiding out.  Which seemed odd to her, what teenage boy didn’t want to skip school?  He had given her an abrupt hello, had dropped his bags just inside the front door and headed out the back.  She could hear the pounding of a basketball on the concrete court.

Amanda was the same as always, she bustled around the house moving all their things into the different bedrooms, then coming back in for more things to move.

Typically Amanda looked as if she had it all together, but today Amanda looked just as clueless as Carrie normally felt.  Again, she wasn’t proud of it, but for some reason that made her feel better.

She sat down in one of the living room chairs and waited for things to calm down.  Since Amanda had called her that afternoon she had been cleaning.  If there was one thing she didn’t want it was for Joe’s ex-wife to think she was a slob.  Their relationship was a strange one.  Carrie felt very close to Amanda on some levels and on others, like what the woman was going through now, she felt way out of her league.

Amanda was a spy. A good spy if what people said was correct.  Carrie was just a housewife.  Though now, with Joe gone, she wasn’t even a wife anymore.

She looked down and her expanding waist line with a wry grin, maybe now she would just be a house.

“Carrie,” Amanda finally sat down in one of the other chairs and studied her.  Emily cooed and made sloppy noises in the little chair on the floor and Carrie couldn’t help staring at her. “I can’t thank you enough for doing this for us. There will likely be a few people coming and going while we try to figure all this out.”

“It’s not a problem Amanda. I am sure that Joe would have done the same thing.  Mi casa es su casa and all that.”  She looked up and smiled at Amanda.  “Phillip doesn’t seem to be taking this well at all, does he?”

“No.” Amanda looked toward the back of the house where her son had fled. She sighed, “I haven’t been as observant about what the boys have been going through since…” Amanda hesitated.

“Joe’s death,” Carrie finished for her. “Amanda you have had a lot on your plate, no one can fault you for being overwhelmed.”

She shook her head. “I fault myself. There are some things I can’t control and others I can.  Talking to my boys and finding out what makes them tick is something I can control.”  She smiled down at little Emily. “And someday talking to this little one to see what makes her tick.  Though I am beginning to doubt she could be more to handle than the boys were.”

“I wouldn’t say that too loud, she is half her father’s daughter you know. You may be tempting fate.”  As if she agreed, Emily grinned widely displaying a charming two dimpled smile.

Amanda laughed lightly. “She does let me know when she is displeased with me.” She shook her head gently and turned her focus back to Carrie.

“So tell me, how are you doing?  Have you filled out all the paperwork I sent you about Joe’s estate?  I know that there is a lot of stuff we have to get through, but I am trying to get through all the legalese as quickly as possible.  Why Joe would name me executor I …”

“Amanda, he trusted you,” Carrie interrupted with a smile, “and so do I. Having you here is nice.” She patted Amanda’s knee and stood up.  ”It gets lonely in the house now with Joe gone. I have all the paperwork filled out, it’s in the office.  I’ll go get those and something for us to snack on.  Then you can check to see that I have everything filled out correctly.”

At her nod Carrie glanced once at the chaos that traveled with Amanda and headed into the office.  The sounds of little Emily’s giggles making her smile as she left the room.


Thursday Morning

Langley, VA

Amanda King.

That was the name which had been beating steadily in her mind like a mantra for hours now.

Amanda King.

Anna stood watching the agents filing in and out of the CIA.  The building had changed since the last time she had been free to visit.  With a new façade and lots more security it seemed as if business was booming, despite the fall of the Wall.

She was waiting patiently for her contact. Patience was a lesson she had learned the hard way.  She needed information and there was only one person she knew who would find it for her. A man that no one really liked inside the CIA itself, but to those who bought and sold information on the outside, John Scott was a godsend.

Of course he was careful and no one could prove he had ever sold anything, much less given away any information that would harm his country, but he walked a very thin line.

The tall blond man strode out of the new building with purpose, in his hands was the report she had been waiting for.

She followed him across the grounds toward the parking lot.  His figure was nothing to write home about.  Years of sitting behind a desk, filing information, had taken a toll on his body.  From behind him she couldn’t help but notice the love handles hanging over ill-fitting pants and what was once a well rounded bottom now sagged.

Embarrassing, she thought.

As he reached his vehicle, taking his key out of his pocket he paused at the door, she moved up behind him.  She needed no weapon to take him down if necessary, but for safety’s sake she held her small handgun next to her hip.

“Hello John. Heard any good news lately?”

He began to turn around.

“No, just get in the car and unlock the passenger door.  We have a little business to discuss off site.”

“As sweet as ever I see, Anna,”  John said in his raspy voice.

It had always grated on her nerves, but now that she was free it was worse.  How could she have ever paid this man for anything with her body? Disgusting. No information should have been worth that much.

“Just get in the car John.”

“Yes ma’am.” He unlocked the door and slid into the car.

Anna moved swiftly around the car, between it and the car parked in front, keeping her eyes on John.

She hoped he wouldn’t be a problem.  Things were already getting messy.  She did not enjoy messy.  Plus she had other things that were more important than him.

Namely, Amanda King.


Thursday Morning

The Agency

“Explain to me again why we think it’s this woman?” Francine asked Aimee.  The girl was typing with one hand on the keyboard and drinking a large soda with the other.  Her eyes were glued to the monitor.

“Her face has changed, but there is an 89% chance that she is the one I found on the video tape of the garage.”


“Yes my algorithm took aging into effect, so 90% is about the best I can do. Though she doesn’t meet 90%, she’s really close and she has a good reason to hold a grudge against our Straw Man.”

“Do you have the case file that triggered this Anna Snyder’s arrest pulled already?”

“Well, it’s pulled, but it’s in the boxes with Lee and Amanda.  I don’t have it here.”

“Great.” Francine contemplated just telling Lee to bring it to her, but then thought better of it.  She didn’t want him anywhere near Arlington until they figured out for sure what the threat level was.

“If you want, I have some time this afternoon.  Leatherneck has some guys shutting down the computer network here.  Without my computers I have nothing to do.  Plus that way I get to take PB & J some videos I obtained for them.”  The girl hesitated then added, “in purely legal ways.”

“P B & J?” Francine knew she shouldn’t ask.  Half the time when the girl spoke pop culture gibberish came out of her mouth, but PB &  J to her meant peanut butter and jelly and she was fairly certain that a sandwich couldn’t watch videos.

“Phillip, Baby and Jamie. Oh and I will need a car, I don’t have one.”

“Lovely. In the meantime I will see if I can track down this woman since she was released from prison.  She got a huge settlement; surely she doesn’t live in suburbia.” Francine handed her keys to Aimee.  “Do not mess up my car.”

“You got it Lieutenant Uhura!”

Francine shook her head and watched Aimee, laptop bag swinging from her shoulder trot out of the office.

The girl was mental.


Thursday Early Afternoon

Gaithersburg, MD

Phillip pounded the ball against the concrete a few times, then shot.  Catching the ball he moved back away from the basket and did it again.

Mind numbing.  That’s what it was, Phillip thought.  Something mind numbing to take away the guilt.

Guilt for going off at his mom. Guilt for lying to Heather as to why he couldn’t take her to prom.  Guilt for not saving his father.

He swallowed and beat the ball into the ground again, then shot.

“Yo Skywalker, you beat that ball into the ground much harder you’ll bust it.”

Phillip caught the ball as it ricocheted off the rim and turned to see Aimee, one of the agents who worked with his Mom and Lee strolling into his dad’s backyard. He frowned, well Carrie’s backyard now.


“Hi? That’s all I get is a ‘hi’?”  Aimee punched his arm near his shoulder.  Surprisingly it actually stung. “I come bearing gifts and I get a sullen ‘hi’ in return?”

She held up a plastic bag with VHS tapes in it.

“These, my friend, will lend themselves to hours of enjoyment while you are out here in exile.  Dude, you should worship me.”

Phillip couldn’t help but smile.  Aimee was probably five or six years older than him, but he could definitely worship her, and not just for her videos.  Today she was wearing a dark green vest like thing with a skin tight black t-shirt, but that wasn’t what drew his eyes to her outfit.  She had a black leather, or plether maybe, mini skirt, black net stockings, and a pair of knee high boots.  The girl may not have been tall, but she had some incredible legs.

He couldn’t remember seeing her legs before.  Of course, he really had only met a few of the people that his Mom and Lee worked with, so he had only met Aimee in person a few times, he mainly had talked to her on the phone.  She had been sending movies and such to him and Jamie since they had first met her, so he would call and thank her as Mom always required.  He spent much more time with the people his father had worked with, at least the ones that were from out of town, like the Prime Minister.

He stared at Aimee’s legs and fought back the stupid tears.  Anger, you moron, get angry.

He felt the sting of another punch on the arm. “Phillip, I know my legs are interesting, but can we focus here?  Movies, I have movies!”

She swung the bag in front of his face and he shook his head.

He motioned at the back door and turned back to the basket. “Everyone is in the office I think.  Lee has about fifteen boxes of crap in there that they are going through.”

Bounce, bounce, bounce.  Suddenly the ball was flying across the court.

He swung around to Aimee.  “What did you do that for?”

“Kid, I do not like being dismissed.  Do I look like an Ewok to you?” She moved closer to him and raised her face to his.

“Well, I don’t like being called a kid.” He stared down at her.  What the heck?  Couldn’t she see he wanted to be left alone?

“Well, then maybe you shouldn’t act like one.”  She pushed a finger into his shoulder and actually moved him a bit.  “The last two days your family has been working hard to keep you safe and all I see out of you is attitude.  Suck it up and act like the adult you will be.”

He pushed a finger into her shoulder. “I tried to be an adult. I tried to protect our family.  I failed. I don’t want to be an adult.”

They both stared at each other for a few beats until a voice made them both turn.

“Aimee?”  His mom was standing on Carrie’s back porch staring at the two of them.

Great.  Now he was going to have to apologize for Aimee sticking her nose in something that was none of her business.

She picked up her bag of movies off the ground where she had dropped them.  He had no idea when that happened.

“Hello, Mrs. Stetson.”

Phillip blinked in surprise.  The girl was angry. He hadn’t ever heard her call his mom Mrs. Stetson before.

It must have taken her aback as well, because it took a minute for Mom to speak.  She typically just rushed right in with whatever she wanted to say.

“Lee is in the office.  Just go through this door, down the hall to the end.  The door is open.”

“Thank you.”  Aimee turned around and wrinkled her little nose at him, then marched up the porch steps to the door.  “He’s primed and ready for a fight.”  He saw her smile at his mother and walk through the door.

“I’m not ready for a fight,” he said as his mom came down the stairs. “There’s nothing left to fight about.”

He crossed the paved court to get the ball that Aimee had poked out of his hands.  He picked it up and heard a clap behind him.

When he turned around his mother was holding her hands out for a pass.  She looked ridiculous, but he passed it across to her anyway.

She dribbled a couple of times then tossed it, rather off balance, at the hoop.

He picked it up on the bounce.

“Do you really feel that way?”

“What way?” He asked as he dribbled.

“That you failed your father?”  She swiped at the ball.

He swallowed and pulled the ball up for a shot.  “Sometimes.” Rim shot.  The ball bounced off toward the back porch, but he let it go.

“Let’s sit on the steps,”  she said motioning toward the house.

The only way to keep his mother from driving him crazy would be to talk to her.  She was like a dog with a bone when she wanted to say something.  He sighed and followed behind her.

He loved his mother, truly he did, but she could be absolutely exasperating at times. He sat down next to her on the step and stared at the basketball hoop.

“Look, Mom, I am just a little messed up over seeing my father killed, okay?  I didn’t want to bother you with all my excess baggage.  I should have stayed behind and let Lee get the Prime Minister and his son to safety before helping Dad.  Or if I had only realized before we were taken that those guys weren’t just mall shoppers. I don’t know. I just know that my father is dead and I should have done something.”

“Phillip, you are still a kid.  Yes, you are old enough to act like an adult, but I don’t expect you to all the time.  Goodness knows I didn’t at your age.  Our circumstances make it more difficult for you to still be as immature and reckless as your father was, or I was.  We are trying to make life as normal as possible for all three of you.”

“I know Mom.”

“Phillip, I will find a way so that you can go to the Prom.  I promise.”

“It’s no big deal now.  I told Heather last night I wasn’t going to go, so she found some senior dork to take her.”

“In one night?”  His mother looked perplexed.

“She was freaking out that she wouldn’t have a date.” He grinned.  “You should have heard her on the phone.  Near hysteria.  Apparently this guy is the son of a friend of her mother’s.  When her mom heard her yelling at me about not going she told Heather about the guy.  About an hour after I told her, she was set with a replacement.”

“And you’re grinning about this why?”

“The guy is a complete nerd.  Not a cool nerd like Aimee, more a plastic pocket protector type nerd.”


“Mom,” he took a deep breath. Maybe he could get rid of at least a little guilt. Apologies really sucked. “I am sorry about what I said yesterday.  You are just trying to protect us and I blew it way out of proportion.”

“Phillip, I,” she paused.

Crap, were those tears?  He hated seeing his mother cry.  They made him feel even guiltier. “Mom?” He asked hesitantly, no moisture dropped. Thank goodness.

“Just promise me from now on that you will tell me when something is bothering you or Jamie for that matter.  Heck even Emily when she gets older.  I need to know you all are being taken care of, or I can’t spend any time focusing on the Agency.”

He nodded.  It wouldn’t be easy for him, but he would try.

She sniffed and swiped at her eyes. “Now, go in and apologize to Aimee for poking her.”

“Aw, Mom.” He stood up and trudged into the house.  Sometimes his mom was a real drag.

Act 5

In sum, when in battle,

Use the orthodox to engage.

Use the extraordinary to attain victory.

- Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”


Thursday Afternoon

The clothes she had worn to Langley now resided in a bag in the trunk.  Another portion of her revenge was complete.

John had blackmailed her for three long years before she was finally released.  His death was just as necessary as Stetsons.

Of course, she would take Lee and Amanda’s death together now.  Amanda “perfect” King.  Or should she say Stetson now.

It was infuriating.

Her life destroyed, her brothers life ended and he was living a happily ever after.  A charmed existence.

She pulled onto Maplewood drive, noting the surveillance van in front of the small white house.  Cruising by, she could see no one in or around the house.  She didn’t slow the car. Knowing they would be watching her.

She pulled back out onto the highway and headed back toward home.  She had a file to search more thoroughly.  They were too smart to take her to an Agency safe house, so Amanda King had to be staying with someone she or Lee knew.

Anna doubted that Lee had changed so much that he trusted someone enough with his family, so it had to be someone related to Amanda.

She had a two inch thick CIA file to go through in order to find out who was hiding Mrs. Stetson and her baby girl.

Plus she had evidence from a murder to burn.


Thursday Evening

Gaithersburg, MD

“So basically, we have no idea what happened to her after she was released?” Lee tried to control his temper.  Internal Affairs was in charge of employees arrested by the Agency, but their handling of Anna Snyder’s case was as full of holes as Swiss cheese.

“That’s what I am saying,”  Francine replied as she threw herself down onto the plush sofa.  Lee watched as she sank down into the cushion.  “Dr. Smyth said, and I quote, ‘The case was a huge snafu, Desmond. They paid the chit to go away and so she did.’ I was so perturbed with the man I considered throwing a spitball at him.”

Amanda laughed lightly. “Would that really have helped anything?”

“No,” Francine admitted. “But it certainly would have made me feel good.”

“Aimee, what about aliases?”

The girl was sitting cross legged on the floor, pounding away at her computer.  As usual a cord tethered her to the wall behind her so that she was connected to the Agency.

“Well Straw Man, here’s the deal.  Anna Snyder was not a field agent.  At least not to the same extent as you.  She had only two aliases her entire time at the Agency.  One was Anna Dodd, her mother’s maiden name.  The other Anna Fryer, because it was close to Snyder.  Neither of those names pop up.  I did find an Anya Fryer that I am checking out.  She has an Apartment in Georgetown.”

“Surely she wouldn’t stay that close.” Amanda glanced up at him.  “Would she?”

“I don’t know.  I didn’t really know her then, Amanda.  I was just following orders.  They told me to follow her and report who she met and when.  That’s what I did.”

“So how did they convict her?” Francine asked, ruffling through the papers in front of her.

“That’s what I want to know.  Part of the evidence was classified.  No one could access it except those with clearance.  I wasn’t one of them. Though looking at those now, I don’t see anything in there that’s classified.”

“What about the man that helped gain her release?” Aimee said.

“What do you mean?” Lee asked.

“Well, they just found him, dead in a park about five miles from Langley.”

“Why would she kill a man that helped get her out of prison?” Amanda shook her head in confusion.  “You would think she would be grateful.”

Aimee flicked a few more keys and groaned. “Maybe because he kept her there three years longer than necessary?  Logs at the Prison say that John Scott visited her once a month for the last three years. Conjugal visits. This chick just can’t catch a break.”

Francine stood. “Let me call Beaman and get him to do some research on this Scott character.  Maybe there’s something about him we don’t know.”

Lee glanced down at the stack of papers and something caught his eye.  A birthdate.

“Do you think she holds all of us responsible for her brother’s death?” Lee handed the paper to his wife.

“Why do you ask that?  Wasn’t he killed in the crossfire?” Amanda stared down at it.  “Oh.”  She looked up and met his eyes. “Tomorrow would be her brother’s birthday.”

“She’s wants revenge for her brother’s death,” Lee replied.

Aimee sighed from her place on the floor.  “She is just one big ball of misery, like living with Tribbles in your house.”

“Whatever that is.” Lee shook his head and frowned.  “We need to find her sooner rather than later.  I have a feeling she will be setting a trap for her last strike before tomorrow is out.”

Amanda looked up from the paper in her hand. “I have an idea where we may be able to find her tomorrow and set a trap of our own.”


Friday morning

Forest Oak Cemetery

Anna stood on a small hillock-dappled sunlight shown down through the leaves, warming her skin as she stared down at the headstones below. Her brother would be 28 years old today.  Maybe he would be a doctor, or a spy himself.  In her mind she could see him, his dark curly mop of hair falling into his eyes as he smiled at her.

Then those same eyes widened in surprise-he stared uncomprehendingly at the bloody wound in his chest-

Anna closed her eyes to try and block out the memory.  She wanted to remember good things today, his first bicycle, his first words.

Kirk had been ten years younger than her.  Her only sibling.  Their parents had been killed when he was only twelve years old.  For six years it had been just the two of them.

Now, because of Scarecrow following her around and misconstruing what he saw, Kirk was dead and she was all alone.

She moved forward with a single flower in hand, toward her brother’s nondescript stone.

“Hold it right there, Anna.”  A female voice made her pause.

Turning to her right she located a tall blond woman holding a semi-automatic aimed at her head.

“Who exactly are you?” Anna asked calmly.  One agent.  She could take just one agent.

“It doesn’t matter who she is, Anna.”

She whirled around, “Stetson?”

There he stood, half-hidden behind a large stone-gun in hand.

“You were supposed to die in that car!”  Anna called out. She could feel her hands shaking.  “Not some kid.  How many kids have died because of you, Scarecrow?”  A shot rang out-ducking behind a headstone, she quickly pulled her gun from the waistband at the small of her back.

“How many Scarecrow?” She screamed.

“It was an accident.  No one was supposed to get hurt. Especially not your brother.  You need to drop the gun and come out Anna.” Stetson’s voice hadn’t moved.

“Don’t you talk about my brother!  You have no right.  You were nosing into my business and Kirk died because of you.”  Anna checked the safety on the gun and rose up to fire towards where Lee had been. But where was the other woman?  Anna crouched back down behind the concrete marker.

“I have no intention of going back to prison. I don’t belong there.  Someone set me up!”

“We know, Anna,” the female’s voice-she sounded closer.  Anna searched for an exit strategy.  She rose and fired a shot in the direction of the woman’s voice.

She moved towards another stone, closer to where she had parked the car.  There were only two of them. If she could just get to the car-

“Ms. Snyder.” A voice boomed from the road beyond the cemetery. “Put the weapon down and come out with your hands up.”

This was not good.

She stood up and searched for Stetson.  She would go down swinging, but only if she took Scarecrow with her.

“Stetson, where are you?”

Two stones away he stood up, with gun raised non-threateningly in his left hand. “I’m right here.  Now put down the weapon.”

“Not in a million years will I surrender to you.”

She raised the gun to fire and heard the snap of gunfire behind her before she could shoot.

A burning sensation filled her and she fell to her knees.

Kirk, she thought, I am so sorry.

She collapsed forward and everything went black.


No kinship is more intimate than that of a spy.

No reward is more generous than that of a spy.

No affair is more secret than that of a spy.

- Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Friday night

4247 Maplewood Drive

“Phillip!” Amanda shouted from the foot of the stairs.  “You need to get going!  The dance is supposed to start in only a half hour.”

“I’m working on it Mom.” From the sound of the echo, he was still in the bathroom.  How that boy could spend so much time on so little hair she would never understand.

She moved back into the family room and sat down in a chair.  She eyed Jamie sitting on the sofa, a grin on his face as he munched on Doritos. “I can’t believe he’s going to go to the dance by himself.  What a dork.”

“Don’t call your brother a dork.”

Lee laughed from his spot on the floor. “He wants to go to the dance in case Holly or Helen or whatever her name is, realizes that she shouldn’t have jumped the gun. Isn’t that right Emily?  You shouldn’t ever underestimate our family.” Emily laid on her back, her feet kicking a mile a minute.

The doorbell rang and Amanda looked over at Lee.  “Were you expecting someone?”

“Not me,” he responded.

“I’ll get it.” Jamie jumped up from his spot on the sofa, strewing Doritos on the cushion.


“I’ll get them in a minute Mom,” he said as he opened the door.

There stood Aimee, in a black and red dress and a red flower in her hair.

“Hey Straw Man, Mrs. Straw Man.  I’m here to get Phillip.”

Amanda looked in surprise at Lee.  He shrugged.

“Yeah, yeah.  Phillip said he was going to go alone and then thought maybe I might want to study the creatures known as teenagers.  He called me this afternoon and asked if I would take him. It was an intriguing thought and since I never went to my senior Prom, I figured what the heck. You only live twice.” She smiled through her bright red lipstick.

Amanda contemplated the fact that her son had invited a – How old was Aimee? Twenty three, twenty four years old? -  Well, a much older girl to go to the Prom with him.  She glanced over at Lee, who had an almost smug smirk on his face.

He would think it an accomplishment.

Of course, Aimee did clean up rather nicely, though she could still see the black finger nail polish gracing the tips of her fingers.  At least she wouldn’t have to worry about him leaving the dance with that Heather girl and getting into who knows what sort of trouble.

Amanda smiled as Phillip ran down the stairs.

“Aimee!  You look great.”

“Thanks, kid.” Aimee gave Amanda a wink.

“Don’t call me kid.  Mom, Lee, don’t wait up,” Phillip said as he ushered Aimee quickly out the front door.  “Can I drive your car?” She heard him ask as they walked down the sidewalk.

“It’s not mine, its Francine’s, and no.”

Amanda and Lee made it to the door in time to see Aimee finish sliding the top back on the LeBaron.  Phillip turned back to the house with a huge grin on his face. He saw them at the door and waved as Aimee pulled away from the curb.

“I think I will wait up,” Amanda said. “Just in case.”


  • By Brittany, May 23, 2009 @ 10:48 pm

    I love the ending!! I’m glad Amanda was able to work everything out with Phillip and he made it to prom after all.

  • By Karen, May 23, 2009 @ 11:35 pm

    I could almost see Heather’s reaction when young Mr. King waltzes in with an older woman. MEOW!…it shows she wasn’t the gal for Phillip.

    Great story

  • By Ermintrude, May 24, 2009 @ 6:48 am

    Poor Anna–falsely accused and sent to jail–but it turned her into what she was falsely accused of. What a waste. It was very nice of Aimee to go with Philip to the prom–and he’ll gain big points at a time he needs a bit of a boost.

  • By Jennifer Cannon, May 24, 2009 @ 7:17 am

    Loved this story–very suspenseful–Anna was a great villain–her drive for vengeance had really twisted her. And Phillip taking Aimee to the prom was just the right touch–and Amanda will wait up for them. This was fantastic–a great addition to Season 7.

  • By Melinda, May 24, 2009 @ 2:11 pm

    Is it just me or is Carrie King pregnant? Every story just leaves you wanting more. I am glad the boys are bouncing back. I know I’m getting old when all of Aimee’s 80′s pop culture references make sense. Great story.

  • By Loretta, May 24, 2009 @ 6:11 pm

    loved the story. it was very good.

  • By calinour72, May 26, 2009 @ 4:20 pm

    very good story although I think dealing with Jaime and Phillips emotions could have been more in depth and Lee definitely should have been involved.

  • By Mary R., June 2, 2009 @ 5:34 pm

    Interesting story and characters. Aimee makes for a fun addition to Agency cast of eclectic people. I especially enjoyed Carrie’s appearance and the added twist in her life. I had to laugh that Phillip took an older date to the prom. My son did the same thing and they won the “Dating Game” challenge for having the most in common.

  • By TS, June 3, 2009 @ 11:26 am

    No matter what I do, I can’t get the 1st part of this episode to display.
    And I really don’t want to cheat and read the end first or do I?

  • By admin, June 3, 2009 @ 12:09 pm

    Tera, just go to the post before it :) or you can go to this page…

  • By TS, June 3, 2009 @ 4:58 pm

    Ah…I just finished and I have to say — I LOVED IT!
    It had everything – action, things going boom, and shots firing.
    Thank goodness I’ve got a computer again – I may even reread this one again tonight after dinner.

  • By Charlie, June 13, 2009 @ 9:07 pm

    Well – finally had time to read this. Great story. I felt sorry for Anna though. Phillip’s ‘date’ for the prom was funny. I imagine he’ll score major points for taking an older woman.

  • By Terry Kay, August 5, 2009 @ 10:42 pm

    Okay, now we’ve got 4 unresolved villians..who set up Anna & why?? Yeah, there’s gonna be another King kid! This season keeps leaving me wanting more. Thank you!

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Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King and its characters belong to Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Enterprises. No infringement is intended. This is written for entertainment purposes only.