Spooks continued

Act Three

4247 Maplewood Dr.

Saturday, October 28, 1989

2:00 AM

“Lee don’t,” Amanda pleaded. “Please don’t. Billy is your friend.” But Lee wouldn’t listen—he wouldn’t even look at her. His face was a blank mask, hazel eyes devoid of any emotion. She watched in horror as he cocked the safety with his thumb and pointed the gun at Billy.

“Don’t!” Amanda said. She pulled Lester Duck’s string, but in her panic she pulled too hard and the string came off in her hands. Lee wasn’t moving, though. He stared fixedly at the stuffed duck.

“Talk.” Amanda pounded the duck on the table as hard as she could. “Talk!” A cup and saucer fell off the table, breaking, coffee spilling out onto the tablecloth and the carpet but she didn’t care—the only thing on her mind was saving Lee.

Too little too late, Amanda, a voice seemed to taunt her. She realized that it wasn’t working, wasn’t going to work after all—Amanda watched as Lee pointed the gun and fired, the sound of the gunshot echoing in her ears—

Amanda awoke from her nightmare with a gasp. Slowly her eyes adjusted to the darkness, her heartbeat slowing as she realized that she was in her own bedroom. It had all been a bad dream, she thought with relief. It hadn’t actually happened that way at all-but the dream had felt so very real—Amanda lifted up a hand to wipe at her face, which was damp with tears.

Next to her Amanda heard the soft sound of Lee’s snore. Turning on one side she snuggled next to him, seeking comfort in his warmth. They’d had a nice evening together earlier, she thought. Lee had shown up at the door with flowers and a small stuffed panda—full of apologies for his earlier behavior. He’d even made his frittatas, and after dinner they’d curled up on the couch together and watched a movie.

“Amanda?” Lee said groggily. “You okay?”

“I’m fine, Lee. Just go back to sleep.”

“Mmmm…sleep sounds good,” Lee said, his arms gently wrapping around her. She could feel his breath, warm against her cheek. “I love you, Mrs. Stetson, even if I don’t always show it—just wanted you to know.”

“I love you, too.” Outside Amanda could hear a gentle rain begin to fall, hitting the roof with a steady drumming noise. Lulled by the noise and the feel of Lee’s body against hers, Amanda fell back asleep.

12:30 PM

“Well this should just about do it,” Dotty said as she, Philip, Jamie and Amanda carried the groceries in the house. “How many people are we expecting to come to this party anyway?”

“About ten or twelve,” Jamie said. “Depending on which of Philip’s girlfriends will or won’t be coming.”

“I only have one girlfriend, lamebrain.”

“Philip, don’t call your brother that.” Amanda took two mixing bowls out of the upper cabinet.

“Sorry Mom,” Philip muttered.

“Only one girlfriend, huh?” Jamie teased. “That’s not what Cindy says.”

“What would you know about it?” Philip said. “You’re too busy mooning over Shelley in your homeroom.”

“I am not.”

“Fellas,” Amanda said, a warning note in her voice. “We have a lot to do before tonight, and we’re not going to get it done if you two keep arguing. Do you think that you could hang up the streamers and the balloons? That would help a lot.”

“Sure, Mom,” Jamie said.

“Speaking of help, where’s Lee?” Dotty asked, pulling a carton of eggs out of the fridge. “I thought he was supposed to be joining us in all this.”

“So did I, Mother,” Amanda said with a small sigh. “But apparently he had a doctor’s appointment. He should be joining us later.”

“Well if you ask me he should stop seeing that doctor. He’s getting worse, Amanda, not better. Do you know what he was doing early this morning? Straightening out the tassels in the rug.”

“Yeah, I heard about that.” Amanda mixed the Lipton’s soup mix with the sour cream.

“As far as I can see, the only positive aspect about the way he’s been acting is that we don’t have to clean the house for the party tonight.”

“Mo-ther,” Amanda said. Just then the phone rang. Amanda picked up the receiver on the second ring.


“Amanda, it’s me,” Francine answered. “Is Lee there?”

“No, not yet.”

“Do you know where he is?” she asked.

“He’s with Dr. Walker.”

“I was afraid of that,” Francine said.

“Why were you afraid of that?” Amanda said, noting the anxiety in the other woman’s voice. “Francine, is something wrong?”

“It’s about the background check you asked me to do—the one on Dr. Walker? We did a preliminary check when Dr. Smyth began to see him, of course, but I dug a little deeper and found something that we missed.”

If Amanda didn’t know better she’d swear that Francine was torturing her. “Please, just tell me what you found out.”

“It’s his stepfather, Amanda. His stepfather was Dr. Ted Glaser.”

“Oh my gosh.” Amanda felt suddenly lightheaded. Still holding the phone she sank onto a nearby stool. “Are you sure?”

“Yes of course I’m sure,” Francine said. “Do you doubt me?”

“No, of course I don’t doubt you. Actually it explains a lot.”

“Explains a lot of what?” Dotty was whispering. Amanda looked at her mother and mouthed the word ‘later’.

“Philip, you’re supposed to twist the streamers together when you hang them like Mom does!” Jamie’s voice floated in from the family room.

“Well why don’t you twist the streamers, dorkbreath?”

“I’ll go settle that,” Dotty said quietly. Amanda nodded.

“Amanda, I hate to say this, but I think you might want to get yourself and your children to safety,” Francine said.

“What?” Amanda said in amazement. “Why?”

“Well you remember what happened the last time. What Lee was programmed to do to Billy?”

“Francine this is Lee. I don’t believe for one second that he would ever do something like to—” she couldn’t even bring herself to say the words. “I just don’t believe it.”

“Well I don’t like to think it either,” Francine said. “But if Lee’s not in control of himself who knows what could happen? It’s not just your safety—there’s your boys and your mother, plus you have a child on the way.”

“It’s Lee’s child too,” Amanda said, her hand unconsciously going to her belly as she spoke. “Lee’s part of my family now. He needs help, he doesn’t need us treating him like he’s the enemy.”

Amanda heard the sound of the front door opening. “I’m home!” Lee called.

“Francine I’m going to have to let you go,” Amanda told her.

“Fine. Billy and I are going to investigate this further-try and find out what Dr. Walker’s plans are. Just promise me, Amanda—you’ll think about what I said?”

“I’ll think about it,” Amanda said. “Goodbye.” She hung up the phone just as Lee came into the kitchen.

“Was that Francine?” Lee asked. “What did she want?”

“Francine?” Amanda struggled to come up with a story that would fit. “She—uh—well Beaman wants her to go to a costume party with him and she wanted my advice on costumes. I told her about a shop that she might want to visit.”

Lee raised his eyebrows. “You told her? Francine doesn’t usually need a lot of shopping advice.”

“Well, you know.” Amanda shrugged and smiled. “Anything I can do to help.”

“Speaking of help,” Lee said, “What can I do to help with the party? Doesn’t it start at six?”

Amanda nodded. “I’ve already made the dip. I just need to chop up the veggies, put the chips in a bowl and make the brownies.”

“Well I’ll tell you what. I’ll handle the veggies and the chips if you make the brownies. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great to me.” Amanda wrapped her arms around her husband, looking into his warm hazel eyes. A sudden image from her nightmare came back to her— remembering how cold those same eyes at looked as he’d pointed the gun at Billy. Amanda shivered.

“Something wrong?”

“No.” The dream image was still in her head—she broke eye contact abruptly, leaning her head against Lee’s chest while he smoothed her hair. “Nothing at all.”

7:30 PM

“We’re running low on vegetable dip,” Dotty announced as she came into the kitchen, carrying a teetering stack of plates. “How they can eat so much so fast is just beyond me.”

“Well if we have to we’ll make up another batch later on,” Amanda said absently. She was sitting at kitchen counter, resting her forehead against her palm and trying hard to concentrate on last week’s household budget. So far she wasn’t succeeding. Every time she looked at the numbers all she could do was think about Dr. Walker, what Francine had said, what Lee might be about to do—part of her wondered if she should tell Lee about this, but she worried that might make things worse instead of better. The noise of the Nintendo merged with the song ‘Monster Mash’, floated in from the family room and made concentration even harder.

“Better make it now,” Dotty said, her voice breaking the train of Amanda’s thoughts. “There are at least 7 teenage boys out there and I swear they must inhale their food.”

“I’ll do it in a minute, Mother. I’m still working on this.”

Dotty put the dishes in the sink and looked over Amanda’s shoulder. “Amanda that’s what you were doing two hours ago,” she said. “It usually doesn’t take you this long.”

“Well today it does.”

“Darling look.” Dotty placed her hand on Amanda’s shoulder. “Why don’t I make up the dip and you can take a little break. Lee’s in the family room trying to play Super Mario Brothers and everyone’s watching.”

“Maybe later.”

“Is something wrong?” Dotty said. “You’ve been like this all afternoon.”

Oh nothing, just the fact that my husband might be a ticking time bomb, Amanda thought to herself. Out loud she said. “Nothing’s wrong, I guess I’m just tired—I haven’t been sleeping all that well lately.”

“I understand,” Dotty said. “I’ll make up that second batch of dip—you just rest.”

“Thank you, Mother.” Amanda tried to smile. The smile seemed to reassure her Mother, who grabbed another mixing bowl and got the sour cream out of the fridge. The Monster Mash song came to an end, replaced by the Ghostbusters theme.

“Lee, you have to keep jumping to get all of the coins in that brick!” Jamie was saying. “Just keep pressing the button.”

“I’m trying, Jamie,” Lee said. Just then the phone rang. Amanda picked it up.


“Amanda?” Billy asked. “Are you alone—can you talk?”

“Yes sir, I can talk,” Amanda told him. “What is it?”

“We found out some more information about Walker. Dr. Pfaff has Dr. Smyth here and he wants to see Lee as soon as possible. Can you get him down to The Agency right away?”

“I’ll try, sir,” Amanda said. “But I don’t know what I’ll tell him.”

“Tell him anything you want. Just get him down here right now. This is a priority situation, Amanda.”

“Yes sir—” Amanda’s voice broke off in mid-sentence as Lee took the phone from her and placed it back on the receiver.

“Something you’d like to tell me about, Mrs. Stetson?” Lee asked.

“About what?”

“Maybe about what you and Billy were plotting behind my back?” His voice rose as he spoke. “And don’t try to deny it—I was listening on the extension.”

“Amanda?” Dotty said.

“Mother, please. Just give us a moment.”

“I’ll be in the family room if you need me,” Dotty said. Amanda waited until her mother was out of the room before turning back to Lee.

“Lee, no one was plotting behind your back. We’ve been concerned about you.”

“And I keep telling you there’s no reason to be concerned. Amanda I’m fine—I’m better than I’ve ever been before, and all you can do is try to bring me down.”

“Would you just look at yourself? The way you’ve been organizing everything, writing stuff in that notebook, you’re having nightmares almost every night and you think everyone at work is out to get you. That’s not normal—not for the Lee Stetson I know and if you think about it I’m sure you’ll see that too.” She took a deep breath. “You need help.”

“What the hell do you think I’ve been going to Dr. Walker for?” Lee said. “In case you haven’t noticed I am getting some help.”

Amanda noticed that the music and the Nintendo were now silent. “That’s another thing,” she said, not wanting to give too much away in case they were being listened to. “We think that Dr. Walker might be part of the problem. Maybe you should stop seeing him.”

Lee laughed shortly. “We? Who’s this ‘we’ you keep talking about, Amanda? You and Billy and Francine? Beaman? Dr. Pfaff? I’m not the one who’s delusional.” He turned away from her. “I’m going. Don’t bother waiting up for me.”

“Lee wait—” Amanda grabbed his arm as he turned away from her.

“Let me go, Amanda,” Lee said, his voice low and angry.

“Lee we have to talk this out.”

“Amanda!” Lee growled. “I told you to let me go!” Wrenching his arm from hers he turned around, raising his hand—

What am I doing?

Lee stopped and slowly lowered his hand, looking down at Amanda’s shocked and frightened face, her dark eyes brimming with unshed tears. This was the woman he loved, Lee thought. The one who was carrying his baby. To think that he had almost—again—an earlier memory came into his head—the stinging of his palm as it came into contact with Amanda’s face—the shocked look on her face as she’d stared at him, one hand cradling her cheek—Lee swallowed, feeling as though he was about to be sick. Everything around him was dead silence—the boys and their friends, Dotty—they were all looking at him.

If you think people are against you, there’s no telling what you might try to do to them.

Dr. Walker’s words echoed in Lee’s head and he came to a decision. It wasn’t safe for him to be around Amanda and the boys—around his unborn child. They were better off without him around. Lee realized that Amanda was still standing there, waiting for him to speak.

“I’m sorry. So sorry for everything, Amanda, I never wanted to hurt you—you have to believe that.”

“I do,” Amanda said, her voice nearly a whisper. Lee bent down, his lips brushing against hers for a brief moment.

“Goodbye, Amanda,” he said.

Leaving the kitchen, Lee grabbed his keys from the table near the door and went outside. He wasn’t sure where he was going, only that he needed to get as far away as possible.

Act Four

Saturday, October 28, 1989

7:45 PM

“I’m sorry to bother you at this time of night, Doc.” Lee was standing at the pay-phone near the 7-11. It was a chilly night—the wind made it feel even colder and he’d forgotten his jacket. Lee wrapped his arms around himself as he spoke into the receiver. “But I really needed to talk to someone.”

“It’s no problem, Lee,” Dr. Walker said. “You know I’m always here for you. What seems to be the trouble?”

“It was just like you said. The paranoia, it got out of control”

“Exactly how did it get out of control?” For a moment Lee thought that the doctor sounded amused, but he dismissed that thought immediately. Dr. Walker was his friend, after all.

“Amanda was talking to someone at our—Agency and I started thinking that she was conspiring against me.” Lee told him. “And then when Amanda said that you might be part of the problem and that I should stop seeing you—I think I just lost it.”

“Lost it how?” Dr. Walker said. “Did you hurt Amanda?”

“No, I didn’t.” Lee could still picture Amanda’s face in his mind, the way she had looked as he’d lowered his hand. His voice shook slightly as he spoke. “But I nearly did. I have to get away from her, Doc. She—she’s not safe around me.”

“Lee, just calm down. Now I think I can help you with this problem. Tell me where you are.”

“The 7-11 at South Glebe,” Lee said. A man in a hooded sweatshirt walked by, giving him a curious glance. Lee ignored him.

“Perfect,” Dr. Walker said. “That’s not too far from where I live, Lee. Let me give you directions.”

“Thanks. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“No problem,” Dr. Walker said. “Just remember—success comes a step at a time.”

4247 Maplewood Dr.

7:50 PM

“Yes, of course we have Dr. Walker’s home address,” Billy said. “But I don’t think you should go in there, Amanda. Let me send a team.”

“Sir, I have to,” Amanda said. “Right now I think I’m the only one who can get through to Lee.”

“Are you absolutely sure about that? Amanda, we’re still trying to figure out exactly what Dr. Walker did to Dr. Smyth. We have a team going over Walker’s office right now, but at this point we don’t know how much The Agency’s been compromised and we still don’t know what Lee’s been programmed to do. This could be very dangerous.”

“I know that, sir,” Amanda said. “But I still have to try.”

“There’s also your child to consider. If anything happened to either of you I don’t think that Lee would ever forgive me.”

“I am considering my child,” Amanda said. “And I don’t want my child to grow up without a father. Please—just give me the address. I don’t think we have much time.”

“We don’t even know for sure that Lee is there.” Amanda looked at him, her dark eyes pleading. He sighed. “Okay, I’ll give you the address, Amanda.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“But on one condition. We’ll send in a backup team about fifteen minutes behind you. That should give you enough time to try and get through to Lee. And if you can’t—”

“I can,” Amanda said, her mind refusing to consider any other option. She felt the baby moving inside her, urging her to hurry. “I have to.”

8:30 PM

Amanda stood at the front door of Dr. Walker’s house. By all appearances the house looked deserted. The porch light was out, the shades and blinds drawn. But Lee’s car was parked out front, letting Amanda know that appearances could be very deceiving. All she had to do was get inside. She pulled a lock pick from the cuff of her sleeve, using the miniature flashlight on her keychain so that she could see what she was doing. But before she could insert the pick in the lock the door opened.

“Mrs. Stetson, so nice of you to join us,” Dr. Walker said. “Have you forgotten how to knock?”

“Well not exactly. I was looking for my husband –I saw his car parked out front but it didn’t look like anyone was here.”

“So you thought you’d break in to make sure?” Dr. Walker pulled a gun out of his jacket pocket, aiming it at her chest. “I think that you should join our little party, Mrs. Stetson—only it used to be Mrs. King, didn’t it? You see, this concerns you as well. Right this way—and don’t think of trying anything.”

Amanda followed Dr. Walker into the marble-floored foyer and through a pair of wooden doors into what looked like a small library. Lee was sitting on the sofa, staring blankly ahead at the opposite wall.

“Lee?” Amanda said. But if he heard her he gave no sign.

“Don’t bother talking to him, Amanda,” Dr. Walker said. “At this point Lee will only respond to my voice. Let me introduce you to our other guest—or perhaps you know him already. I broke him out of the sanitarium that he was being held in—he needs to be here to witness this.”

Amanda noticed the other man for the first time. He was sitting in the chair opposite Lee, wearing clothes that seemed too big for his shrunken frame. His hair had been slightly grey then, Amanda remembered. Now it was completely white. The man was rocking back and forth as he sat, mumbling incoherently under his breath. Clutched in the man’s arms was a small stuffed duck wearing a hat—Lester Duck.

“Dr. Glaser,” Amanda whispered. She turned to Dr. Walker. “Just what is all this?”

“This is justice, Mrs. Stetson,” Dr. Walker told her. “For what you did to my stepfather, destroying his research, his life’s work. This is for destroying him and taking him away from me when I needed him the most.”

“I understand how you must feel,” Amanda began.

“No!” Dr. Walker said, his eyes slightly moist as he glared at her. “You don’t understand—no one could. No one but me.”

“What about Dr. Smyth?” Amanda had to keep him talking. Her eyes met Lee’s briefly—for one moment she thought there was a spark of recognition there, but then it was gone.

“Dr. Smyth? He was nobody,” Dr. Walker said. “I just used him as a way through to Stetson. This doesn’t involve agency business at all—this is personal.”

“So now that you have us all here,” Amanda said. “Just what do you plan to do with us?”

“Stand up, Lee.” Lee stood, and Dr. Walker handed him the gun. “Now you fire when I give you the order, okay?”

“Yes, Dr. Walker,” Lee said.

“Now what this is going to be is a nice little murder-suicide,” Dr. Walker turned to Amanda. “Lee will shoot you, shoot himself, and no one will be any the wiser. Everyone knows how unstable your husband has been lately, Mrs. Stetson. I think they’ll reach the logical conclusion.”

“Lee won’t do it,” Amanda said softly, looking into her husband’s eyes. Dr. Walker laughed.

“You’re as delusional as he is,” Dr. Walker said. “Lee will do anything I order him to do. I didn’t just use my stepfather’s research—I improved it. No trigger mechanisms or code words—it’s perfect. Untraceable.” He looked over at Glaser. “Daddy would be so proud of me. Don’t you think?”

For a moment Amanda saw sadness play across Dr. Walker’s features, and then he seemed to shake himself out of it. “Enough talking now. Lee, I want you to take that gun and shoot Amanda—right in the chest.”

Lee cocked the pistol and for a moment it was as though time stopped completely. Amanda could feel her heart thudding in her ears and it was hard to breathe.

“I love you, Lee,” she whispered.

“Now, Lee!” Dr. Walker almost screamed the instruction. But instead of firing at Amanda, Lee turned the gun and fired on Dr. Walker. The man fell to the floor and lay there, unmoving.

“Guess you didn’t improve your research enough.” Lee dropped the gun beside Dr. Walker’s body. Amanda ran to Lee and he gathered her into his arms, holding her body protectively against his own. Amanda realized that he was shaking.

“Please tell me this is all over, Amanda,” Lee said, his voice choked with emotion.

“It’s over, Lee,” Amanda said. “This time it’s really over.”


Tuesday, October 31, 1989

Q-Bureau Office

“Amanda where is my contact book?” Lee asked. The contents of his desk drawers—pens, paper clips, whiteout, notepads, even his loose change—were now strewn all across his desktop. “I usually keep it in my desk and now I can’t find it anywhere.”

“Don’t ask me,” Amanda said, not looking up from her computer screen. “You’re the one who reorganized everything, Lee. Can’t you remember?”

“Now if I could remember, would I be asking you?” He walked towards Amanda and leaned across her desk, staring down at the top of her head. “I know you know where it is, Amanda Stetson, so spill it.”

Amanda shook her head, still not looking up. Her shoulders were shaking and Lee realized that she was laughing.

“Amanda come on, this isn’t funny! Please tell me where it is. Pretty please?”

“Try the file cabinet,” Amanda said, wiping at the corner of her eyes as she finally looked up at him. “It’ll be under ‘C’ for contact book.”

“C for contact book?” Lee opened the top file drawer and leafing through the folders. “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me—you’ve got to be joking—” his face fell as he picked up his contact book.


“I can’t believe I did that,” Lee said. “Amanda, next time I start organizing everything take me straight to Dr. Pfaff—even if you have to tie me down and drag me there.”

“Hopefully there won’t be a next time,” Billy said as he came through the door, two white Styrofoam boxes in his hand. “We’ve dismantled Walker’s lab and this time we’ve destroyed all that research—hopefully no one will ever be able to get their hands on it again.”

“That’s a relief,” Amanda said. “What about Dr. Glaser?”

“Back in the sanitarium and none the wiser. Apparently Walker thought that witnessing his revenge might bring his stepfather back.”

“Thank God it didn’t,” Lee said with a slight shudder. “Billy— what’s in the boxes?”

“Your sandwiches.” Billy handed Lee a box and the other box to Amanda. “Ham and cheese for you, and pimento cheese and pickle for Amanda.”

“Pimento cheese and—” Lee’s stomach began churning again as he thought of that combination. The odor of the food from his box wasn’t helping either. “Amanda how could you possibly eat that?” He managed to say.

“I don’t know,” Amanda said as she opened her box. “It just sounded really good to me.”

“Something wrong?” Billy asked Lee.

“No—yes—if you’ll excuse me.” His hand over his mouth, Lee ran blindly for the restroom.

The End


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    Nice work!

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    I really enjoyed revisiting the “If Thoughts Could Kill” episode. This time the circumstances seemed more dire since so many innocent lives were at stake. You balanced the threats well with Lee’s funny compulsive behavior. I loved picturing him on a campaign to straighten up the boys’ drawers and the tassels on the rug.

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