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Occupation:  Ermintrude works at a TV station in Minneapolis. She was ready to watch and enjoy Scarecrow and Mrs. King when it premiered at 7pm central October 3, 1983. The show didn’t disappoint then, and hasn’t ever since.

Why I Love Scarecrow and Mrs. King: In the 1980′s there were three classic romantic series: Remington Steele Moonlighting and Scarecrow and Mrs. King. All three started out great, but Remington Steele lost focus, and those disastrous 4th and 5th seasons! Moonlighting took a weird turn with the pregnancy, and it crashed and burned. Scarecrow didn’t disappoint, it paid off, and even if the last 6 episodes were not what the producers had planned—it still got where it needed to go. Besides, Lee Stetson was just so wonderful—there’s something about him that’s way better then Remington Steele or David Addison.

Favorite Episode: Her favorite episode is Stemwinder; no, Night Crawler; no Filming Raul; no, The First Time; no, Remembrance of Things Past; no, Ship of Spies; no, Utopia Now; no, The Wrong Way Home; you get the idea. That’s just mean, making her choose ONE favorite episode.

Favorite Quote: Favorite quote—that’s almost as bad as making her choose a favorite episode. But two stand out—“Oh My Gosh!” (How typically Amanda!) and “You just have to be patient—with love you have to be patient.” (J. Edgar’s Ghost).

Ermintrude has written in other fandoms in the past—under different names—and got back into SMK through a Buffy crossover story. That one made her go searching for more SMK, and the rest was history. She has been writing SMK since winter 2006-7 and started posting in Fall 2007 (She’s a bit shy…) These episodes are her first foray into post-series SMK. Hopefully they’ll be positively received.

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Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King and its characters belong to Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Enterprises. No infringement is intended. This is written for entertainment purposes only.