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Episode 7.18 – Now I Lay Me Down to Weep Finale Part Two

Episode 7.17 – Now I Lay Me Down to Weep Finale Part One

Episode 7.16 – Illusions of Safety – Part OnePart Two

Another day, another fight.  Amanda, Dotty and Emily are caught up in a hostage situation.

Episode 7.15 – The Art of War – Part OnePart Two

Baby bottles and battling bad guys don’t mix, so what is a spy mama and papa to do?

If I do not wish to do battle, I mark a line on the earth to defend it,

and the enemy cannot do battle with me.


I misdirect him.

- Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Episode 7.14 – Just Business – Part OnePart Two

After the excitement of the birth, a mother’s life should return to the normal calm everyday events that one has come to expect.  In Amanda’s case though, everyday and normal are not two words that go hand in hand.  Take a step back from the present to hear a story about the not so distant past.

Episode 7.12 and Episode 7.13 – Whatever Tomorrow Brings – Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart Four

Usually, once the past has been put to rest, it stays there.  But, as the Stetson-King family begins the final steps on their journey to the future, they discover that the past not only has an uncanny way of reemerging when they least expect it, it might even alter the future.

Episode 7.11 – Living in a Shoe – Part OnePart Two

The President assigns Lee and Amanda to a difficult case. And while they chase all over DC tracking their elusive quarry, Lee is embroiled in rebuilding glitches and setbacks. Can they find Kagemusha? Will Dotty’s new apartment be done before the baby arrives? And how does Augie figure into all of it? It’s a frantic roller-coaster week for our favorite spy duo.

Episode 7.10 -  Triennial – Part OnePart Two

Francine is on a mission and with surprises around every corner, will Amanda and Lee ever find time to relax?

Episode 7.09 – Black Saturday – Part OnePart Two

Amanda and Lee catch up with an old friend, and secrets about the past are revealed.

Episode 7.08 – When the Bough Breaks – Part OnePart Two

When a distraught college friend contacts her, Amanda finds herself investigating a possible baby snatching ring.

Episode 7.07 – Christmas Surprises – Part OnePart Two

There isn’t a right way to say no when the First Lady invites your son to a party, but when intrigue interferes will everyone survive to have a Merry Christmas?

Episode 7.06 – The Fool’s Journey – Part OnePart Two

When a tarot reading foretells danger from a man who is dead, but not dead, will Amanda and Francine figure out who it is before he strikes?

Episode 7.05 – The Trials of Thanksgiving – Part OnePart Two

From misadventures in the grocery store and along the highway – as well as the makings of a new case right in their own backyard – it’s anybody’s guess as to whether the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie will actually make it to the table.

Episode 7.04 – Blood Ties – Part OnePart Two

When an old contact of Scarecrow’s sends an urgent message regarding rumored use of US military hardware to create nuclear weapons, Lee and Amanda find themselves working the case separately – on opposite ends of the world.

Lee is forced to go undercover in Pakistan while Amanda reconnects with a few old friends as they try to put together the puzzle.

Will Scarecrow be able to put the pieces together in time or will he find more than he bargained for?

Episode 7.03 – Spooks – Part OnePart Two

Lee is ordered by Doctor Smyth to begin sessions with a therapist or face suspension from his job.  Meanwhile, Amanda and the boys begin making preparations for an upcoming Halloween party. But, when Lee begins to display some rather odd and unexpected behavioral changes, Francine stumbles upon an overlooked clue that might mean the difference between a happy teenage party or a Halloween turned deadly nightmare.

Episode 7.02 – Even The Mighty Shall Fall – Part OnePart Two

MI-6 agent Emily Farnsworth reunites with Scarecrow on assignment in Berlin as part of an International Task Force whose mission is to keep Premier Mikhail Gorbachev from being assassinated by terrorists who will stop at nothing to prevent Germany’s reunification. Will Emily and Lee be able to stop them in time or will this mission be their last?

Episode 7.01 – The Trouble with Ashley – Part OnePart Two

When one daughter of a Federal Judge is murdered, the other one is placed under protective custody at Lee and Amanda’s home. Will they be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together in time to catch the murderer before he strikes again or will the killer catch them first?

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