Name: Twisted Sister, that be me – aka Tera B. or aka 1/2 of the Texas Twisters Combo

Screen Name: vettegirlscrcrw2

Home: PENNSYLVANIA!!!! Yeah, I know my mailing address is TX but home will always be PA!

Occupation: Currently in wannabe romance author status.

Why I Love Scarecrow and Mrs. King: Because it’s a unique show that allowed us to watch the growth of both main characters both personally and professionally. You knew from the very first episode that Lee and Amanda should get together and eventually Amanda was able to tear down all of those constructed walls around the Scarecrow’s heart until finally Lee Stetson was able to feel emotions again. And Amanda, well, it’s such fun to watch her go from a divorced mother who needed to finally take the time to discover where she was going in life and bumping into that very handsome waiter at the train station was just the kick in the you know what that she needed.

Favorite Episode: I love them all, each and every one.

Favorite Quotes:

From – We’re Off To See The Wizard

Amanda: …Look you won’t talk to any body and you just act like you’re some kind of Superman and you’re not Superman. You’re just a man, but you’re really a pretty special man.

From – Wrong Way Home

Amanda: Life turned out okay.
Lee: But okay isn’t good enough for you.

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