Name:  Amy L. Hull

Screen Name: amilyn or amilynh

Home: Chicago IL

Occupation: High School English Teacher

Why I Love Scarecrow and Mrs. King: Scarecrow is my once and future fandom; I may wander away but I always return and always still love it.  Although it’s an artifact of history now, it’s filled with nostalgia and is a snapshot of the end of the Cold War that I can use to explain to people what the long-gone (hooray!) world I grew up in thought and feared.  It was the second show I obsessed over and memorized every detail about.  It was the show that gave me a model of Someone Who Talked Like Me, someone who used creative and practical problem-solving, someone normal who did extraordinary things…and someone extraordinary who learned to appreciate normal and realize that embracing “normal” could enrich his life.  It was character-based, relationship-based, with excellent ly drawn characters who stick with me and live in my head, and it had happy endings and hope and loyalty without mocking or belittling the value of those things and the positive impact they can have.  All these years later, it doesn’t embarrass me, but instead warms my heart and makes me smile and laugh.

Favorite Episode:  Stemwinder

Favorite Quote:  “What are you wearing?”  “What do you care???”  and, “Well, I can’t shoot, but…I could confuse them to death.”

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Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King and its characters belong to Warner Brothers and Shoot the Moon Enterprises. No infringement is intended. This is written for entertainment purposes only.