Even the Mighty Shall Fall Conclusion

Act Three

Hotel Lobby

Berlin, East Germany

Friday, October 13, 1989

7:32 AM

Lee rested his elbows on the table, his head in his hands. He silently wondered if he looked as bad as he felt. Emily came over to the table sitting down. “Guten Morgen, Lee.”

“Morgen Emily,” he mumbled, sniffling.

“Are you feeling alright?” Emily asked concerned.

“Yeah. I’m just really tired this morning.” He stretched and yawned. “I think I might be coming down with a cold. My throat’s a little scratchy.” He touched his throat with his hand. “And I feel all stuffed up.”

“Are you going to be able to do this assignment?”

“Emily, I not going to let a little thing like a cold, keep me from doing my job,” he grumbled. “I’ll take some cold medicine later and I’ll be fine.”

“As right as rain,” Emily teased.

Lee groaned.

Johann walked into the room, coming over to Lee and Emily; he put his hands on the back of Emily’s chair. “Morgen Emily. Morgen Lee.”

“Guten Morgen, Johann,” Emily answered back.

Lee nodded, not even looking up.

“Lee, you look awful,” Johann teased.

“Thanks,” Lee grimaced, taking a sip of juice. Lee put the glass down on the table and then sneezed.

“Gesundheit.” Emily handed him a tissue from her purse.


“We should be going,” Johann suggested. “It would be best if we maintained surveillance at the embassy building. That way we can keep an eye on Gorbachev.”

Emily nodded her head in agreement, “If something’s going to happen it will most likely be when he’s entering or exiting the embassy.”

Lee and Emily stood up and the three of them exited the hotel lobby. Taking their time to cross the street they scanned the area carefully.

Emily stopped. “Lee, there’s a man standing in the rooftop restaurant above the hotel.”

Lee quickly glanced over his shoulder towards the café. Chairs were stacked on the table and umbrellas closed, leaning against the windows. “I see him. The café obviously is not open for business,” Lee observed, taking his service revolver out of its holster. “We might have a shooter on the roof. Okay, Johann let’s see what he’s up to.”

Up on the rooftop the man took the AK-47 out of the case and attached the scope. Sitting on his knees the man leaned forward against the façade of the restaurant. He checked his watch and waited.

Taking the stairs two at a time, Lee and Johann reached the café entrance. Their guns drawn they stood hidden just outside the doorway. Lee nodded to Johann motioning for him to go around to the other side of the café.

Lee saw the man raise the rifle. The sniper looked through the scope, cocking the gun. Lee came up quietly behind the man, raising his 9mm, cupping the butt of his gun with both hands. “Drop it or I’ll drop you,” he commanded.

The sniper looked over at Lee, his eyes expressionless.

From this vantage point, they both saw the limousine pull in front of the embassy. The man hesitated for a moment; he looked down at the street below and then back to Lee. He began to lower the rifle.

“Lee, look out!” Johann shouted, firing his gun.

Dropping the rifle, the man clutched his chest, falling to the ground.

Lee bent over, checking the man’s pulse; finding none, he shook his head. “What the hell?” Lee snapped, frustrated and angry. “What were you thinking? He was complying. Now we won’t know who hired him.”

“Lee, you’re sick. You’re not seeing things correctly,” Johann explained. “I clearly saw him take aim.”

Lee absently ran his hand through his hair. Maybe he was imaging things? He shook his head, bewildered. Looking over the side of the building again he saw Gorbachev button up his jacket as he exited the vehicle. His bodyguards surrounding him hurried him up the steps and into the building. He noticed Emily looking up, her hand shielding the sun from her eyes. He gave her the thumbs up signal and saw her acknowledge him. Then Lee observed several Stasi agents running towards the hotel entrance.


“Get out of here, now,” Johann hollered. “You don’t want to be caught by East German agents. I’ll handle this.” He waved Lee back into the building.

Lee reluctantly agreed.


Johann jimmied the hotel room door open. Glancing around the room, he could hear the water from the shower running. Walking over to the nightstand, he picked up a bottle of cold medicine. Unscrewing the cap, he poured the contents of a small vial he carried into the cold medicine. Replacing the cap, he shook the bottle. He heard the water being turned off and quickly placed the bottle back on the nightstand. He left the room, closing the door behind him.

Smiling, he thought, “I’m sending you back to Oz, Scarecrow.”

Hotel Room Later That Night

“Lee?” Emily knocked on the door. She entered into the room, carrying a tray with a bowl of soup and a cup of tea. “How are you feeling?”

“Terrible,” he admitted, lying in bed, his head propped up with pillows.

“I brought you a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a cup of tea with honey and lemon—it will help your sore throat.” She placed the tray on his bed.

“Yes, mom.” He smiled up at her.

“I’d best be off so you can get some rest.” She patted his leg. “I’ll see you in the morning. Good night Lee.”

“Good night Emily,” Lee said, suppressing a yawn.

After finishing his soup and tea, Lee placed the tray on the table. Then he walked over to the door and checked the lock. Walking back to the bed, he reached over to the nightstand, grabbing the bottle of Nyquil; opening the cap he poured some cold medicine into the little dosage cup. Swallowing, he mumbled to himself, “Man, this stuff is nasty.” Lee turned off the lights and lay down in bed. Turning on the TV, he flipped through the channels. Not finding anything to watch he turned off the TV. His eyelids grew heavy and the room began to spin. “Sleep. Yes, maybe sleep will help,” he thought. Lying his head down, he did not even bother to get undressed.

Emily knocked on the door. Hearing no answer, she knocked again. She shrugged her shoulders, and using her lock pick, she opened the door. “Sorry, Lee. I forgot my press credentials.” Observing Lee asleep on the bed, she tiptoed into the room as not to disturb him. Grabbing her I.D. that was sitting on the desk, Emily went back out the door and then suddenly stopped. Something was not right. She walked back over to Lee, hearing him moan she turned on the lamp next to his bed. She touched Lee’s skin. He felt clammy. Feeling for a pulse, she found it to be weak and thready.

“Lee.” Emily shook him hard. She did not get an answer and shook him even harder. “Lee!”

“Emily? Where am I?” Lee asked puzzled.

“It’s okay, Lee. Help’s on the way.” She reached across the bed and picked up the phone, calling for an ambulance.

“Thirsty,” Lee said his lips dry and cracked.

Minutes later Emily could hear the sirens getting closer. The sirens stopped and she knew they were in front of the hotel.

“Everything’s okay, Lee,” she whispered, squeezing his hand. “Paramedics are going to take you to the hospital. They’re going to take good care of you.”

“No, no doctors. I hate hospitals,” Lee said, dazed and confused.

The paramedics knocked on the door and Emily opened the door for them. The first paramedic put an oxygen mask over Lee’s mouth, as he checked Lee’s vitals. The second paramedic started an I.V. He opened the drug box, and pushed antihistamines directly into the central line, then gave Lee a shot of epinephrine. Turning to Emily, he asked, “Your friend’s going into anaphylactic shock. Did he eat anything he might be allergic to?”

Emily shook her head. “I don’t even know if he has any allergies.” She suddenly realized all the years she had know Lee it had never brought up in conversation.

While the paramedics continued to work on Lee, Emily made a call to Arlington, Virginia.

“Amanda,” Emily quickly said, after hearing her voice.

“Emily, it’s good to hear from you.”

“Yes, Amanda. I’m good to hear from you, too. But I’m afraid-”

“Lee?” Amanda interrupted.

“Amanda, I’ll explain more in a second, but first I need to know what allergies Lee may have. He’s gone into anaphylactic shock.”

“Oh my gosh!” Amanda gasped. “Penicillin. He’s allergic to penicillin, but how? He knows better.”

“Penicillin,” Emily whispered to the paramedics, putting her hand on the receiver. The first paramedic nodded his head and made a note on his chart.

“Emily stay with him. I’ll be there as soon as I can catch a flight. Tell him I love him,” she choked out, hanging up the phone.

Emily hung up the phone and absently picked up the bottle of Nyquil. She stared at the bottle and then at the little dosage cup sitting on the nightstand.

The paramedics rolled Lee onto the gurney. “There’s room for you in the ambulance if you would like to go with him,” the second paramedic said to Emily, gently placing the drug box and oxygen tank on the gurney.

Emily nodded her head. She looked at the cold medicine bottle once more and back at the nightstand, before placing the bottle in her jacket pocket. Closing the door behind her, she followed them down the corridor.

Berlin Memorial Hospital

Berlin, East Germany

Saturday, October 14, 1989

1:59 PM

Amada walked out of the elevator. She saw Emily sitting in the waiting room. “Emily.”

“My daring niece, Amanda.” Emily stood up, giving her a hug. She stepped back to admire her. “You look radiant.”

Amanda was wearing an oversize pink Georgetown sweatshirt, jeans and white tennis shoes. She giggled. “Emily, you tease. I’ve been on a seven-hour fight. I don’t feel very beautiful. So how is he?”

“Actually, he’s doing okay. He’s already driving the nurses crazy.”

She shook her head. “Yes, that sounds like my husband.”

“He’s sleeping right now. But I think he’s more worn out from the cold he has been fighting.” They both sat down in the waiting room chairs.

“Emily what happened? You said he went into anaphylactic shock.”

“I’m sorry, Amanda. I don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t mean to scare you, but they told me he was only minutes away from respiratory distress. But the paramedics were able to give him a shot of epinephrine in time.”

“Oh my lord.” Amanda gave Emily a second hug. “Emily, I’m so glad you were there for him.”

“So am I—so am I.” Emily patted Amanda’s knee. “Now, let’s go see that husband of yours.” They both got up and walked down the corridor towards Lee’s room.

Amanda opened the door. “Lee?”

Lee opened his eyes. Turning towards her, he smiled. “I knew you couldn’t stay at home.”

Amanda sat on the edge of Lee’s hospital bed.

He looked at her in confusion and asked, “How did you get past the Berlin Wall?”

“I have my ways,” she grinned mischievously, brushing back his hair.

He laughed. Grabbing her, he pulled her down for a kiss.

Emily cleared her throat. Amanda’s face turned a slight shade of pink. “Sorry Emily.”

“Don’t be,” Emily grinned, sitting down on the chair beside Lee’s hospital bed.

Doctor Seibert lightly tapped on the door and entered the room. “Mr. Steadman, your vitals look good. How would you feel about getting released?”

“The sooner the better.”

“Doctor,” Amanda asked. “What happened to Lee?”

“Mrs. Steadman. Your husband had a severe allergic reaction to penicillin.”

“But?” Lee shook his head, silencing her.

“Thanks doctor,” he said, shaking the doctor’s hand.

“I’ll fill out those discharge papers and get you out of here. You should inform your family physician of your allergy. It was good meeting you all.” He left the room.

“Lee. I don’t understand. You know about your allergy to penicillin.”

“Amanda, dear,” Emily explained. “We don’t quite understand either.”

“Amanda. I did not purposely take penicillin.”

“Mm-huh,” Amanda said perplexed. Then realization came over her. “Then someone-”

“Yes,” both Lee and Emily answered.

“I took the bottle of cold medicine to be analyzed and we found out someone had mixed liquid penicillin in it.” Emily stood up, coming up behind Amanda.

“It would have been the perfect way to kill me—if Emily had not found me when she did-” he trailed off, grabbing hold of Emily’s hand.

“Emily,” Amanda chocked out, giving her a hug. “I know I said this before, but I’m so glad you were there for him.”

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get out of here,” Lee said, trying to lighten the mood. “Emily. Would you mind?”

“Of course.” She left the room.

“Amanda. Could you get me my clothes? They’re in the closet.” He got out of the bed.

Amanda walked over to the closet, getting his clothes out. “Lee?” she asked, biting her lip. “Any ideas who did this to you?”

“No.” Lee pulled on his jeans. He had just buttoned his pants when Gus entered the room.

“Lee. What’s happening?” Gus noticed Amanda, “Hello, beautiful. Ever considered doing any mud wrestling?”

“Knock it off Gus. This is my wife, Amanda.” Lee finished buttoning his shirt. “Amanda, Gus Schwanz.”

Amanda laughed, bringing her hand up to her mouth.

Lee raised his hand, mouthing, “I know. I know.”

“Here take my card,” he said, slipping Amanda a business card and a second piece of paper underneath.

Lee took Amanda’s hand, pulling her close to him and gave Gus a ‘don’t even think about it’ look.

“I have not seen Johann this morning and I knew you were waiting for that information,” Gus explained.

“Sorry, I don’t have any cassette tapes.” Lee opened his wallet and took out two $20 dollar bills.

Gus rubbed his fingers together looking at Lee’s wallet.

Lee sighed and pulled out another $20. “Here.” He put the bills in Gus’s hand.

“If you ever change your mind, give me a call,” Gus said to Amanda. Leaving the room, he glanced over to her again. “Um-hum,” he said under his breath.

“You know Lee. I never thought in a million years there would be two of them.”

“I know.” He shook his head. “Let’s get out of here and go back to our hotel room. Shall we, Mrs. Stetson?”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Stetson.” She put her arm around his waist, heading out of the hospital room.

Johann came around the corner of the hallway. He watched Lee, Amanda and Emily head out the hospital doors. “Damn,” he said, shaking his head, “he lives.” He stood there for a moment. “Time for plan B,” he thought, before turning around and heading back down the corridor.

Act Four

Hotel Room

Berlin, East Germany

Saturday, October 14, 1989

5:00 PM

Amanda and Emily were sitting around the table in Lee’s hotel room. Lee was lying on the bed on his stomach. His hands propped up his head while looking over at Amanda and Emily. Amanda looked at the slip of paper Gus had given her. She shook her head. “It looks like the names of German companies, but I don’t recognize any of them. Do any of these names mean anything to you, Emily?” She handed Emily the slip of paper.

“No, I’ve never heard of any of these companies,” Emily admitted. “Lee is there a phone book in the nightstand?”

Lee reached over to the nightstand, opening the drawer. “Yes, here’s one,” he said handing the phone book over to Emily. He sat up on the edge of the bed.

“What’s the first company, Amanda?”

“Berlin Financial Group.”

Emily thumbed through the phone book. “Nothing here. Next one.”

“Deutschland Investments and Securities.”

“D’s. Same. Nothing.”

“Okay. Global Solutions.”

“G’s. Also does not exist.”

“Muller International World Bank.”

“No. None of these companies are listed in the phone book.” Emily closed the phone book.

“So what do we have here?” Lee sighed, staring at the paper.

“It’s a front!” Amanda stood up and walked towards Lee.

“Huh?” Lee asked, perplexed.

“I think these companies are fictional corporations. This must be the way Baron Klaus Von Eiger’s money is being funneled through to the Riebaden Group.”

“Yes, that makes sense and how it’s getting past the Iron Curtain,” Emily added.

“You never cease to amaze me, Amanda.” Lee shook his head. He put his arms around her, kissing her on the forehead.

“And don’t you ever forget that, Scarecrow.” She leaned into him.

“No ma’am,” he laughed.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Maybe that’s room service?” Lee let go of Amanda, and padding over to the door, he opened it. Johann walked in.

“Hello Johann.”

“Lee—I heard what happened to you. I’m glad to see you’re okay.” Johann noticed Amanda standing in the middle of the room. “Oh, I’m sorry. I see you have company.” He walked over to her.

“Johann, my wife Amanda Stetson. Amanda, Johann Gehring, German Intelligence.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Amanda shook his hand.

“No, the pleasure’s all mine.” He bowed.

Lee glared at Johann and grabbed Amanda’s hand, pulling her towards him.

Johann perched himself on the desk. “I was out talking with some of my contacts. No news. Nothing. I did run into Gus though, but he didn’t have anything for us either.”

“So, we still have nothing.” Lee put the slip of paper into his pocket. Amanda looked over at Lee and then to Emily, sitting back down in the chair. All four agents looked at the door after hearing a knock.

“That must be room service. We ordered some sandwiches. I didn’t know when you were going to be back, so I didn’t order for you. Sorry,” Lee explained.

“That’s okay. I think I’ll go downstairs and order something from the bar,” Johann said, opening the door.

Lee finished signing for their meal and closed the door. Lee turned to the other two occupants in the room, leaning against the door. “I think we have a problem.”

“It would appear our friend Johann is not who he appears to be,” Emily admitted.

“I want to know why he lied to us. Come on Emily let’s go check out our friend’s room,” he suggested. “See what secrets he’s hiding.”

“I’m going with you.” Amanda stood up.

“No, you’re not.”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not. I have Emily to watch my back, so please stay here, for me,” he pleaded.

“Okay, but I’m not going to like it.” Amanda sat back down, dejected.

Lee opened the door, looking down the corridor for Johann. After Emily stepped through, he pulled the door closed. They walked down the hallway towards Johann’s room. The corridor was empty; Lee motioned for Emily to open the door. Lee and Emily silently entered Johann’s room. Emily opened Johann’s suitcase, rifling through the contents. Then looking under the bed, she pulled out a large file box.

Lee walked over to the bathroom and began to go through the items on the counter top and in his toiletry bag. Picking up the waste paper basket, he rummaged through it finding an empty vial.

“Find anything?” he asked, walking back into the room. “Look what I found.” He stopped suddenly when he saw Johann pointing a gun at Emily.

“So what tipped you off?” Johann asked, motioning to Emily to come over towards Lee. Johann walked over to Lee removing Lee’s gun for its holster. “Where’s Mrs. Stetson? Doesn’t matter, I’ll soon take care of her, too. First, I’ll tie you two up and then I’ll get her so she can join our little party. An added bonus, I might add. I was supposed to take you out, but looks like I will be taking out three Western spies or should I say three and a half spies?”

Emily gasped, the color draining from her face. “Leave her out of this.”

“You seem surprised. You didn’t think I was going to notice. Even with the oversized sweatshirt she had on, I noticed. I’m a spy. I’m trained to notice. She’s not very far along, is she?”

Lee knew he had to stay one-step ahead of Johann, so he kept him talking. “So, I take it you are really a Stasi agent, and you purposely killed the assassin on the roof yesterday morning?”

“Oh yeah. I couldn’t let him get caught—and let him tell you all my little secrets. You see, Stasi agents have infiltrated West German spy agencies, as well as those of the NATO counties.” He pushed Emily down in the chair. “Lee if you would be so kind as to tie up Frau Emily and don’t try anything funny.” He kept the gun pointed at Emily, while Lee tied her up. “Right now my comrades are shredding documents that link us to secretly aiding terrorist groups, like the Riebaden Group. But soon you three will be dead, and no one will be wise to our plans to bring down NATO.”

Lee stood up, his eyes fixed on the East German agent before him.

“I have been studying you for a while, Scarecrow. I know all about you, even obtained a copy of your medical records.”

Lee’s jaw clenched.

“Wow, you are the perfect spy,” Johann grinned ruefully. “No cries of mercy. Please don’t hurt my wife and unborn child.”

Lee noticed the door was slightly ajar and saw movement out in the hallway. He saw Amanda on the other side of the doorway. Their eyes met for a moment. Lee smiled, smugly. “She can take care of herself.”

Amanda looked around the hallway for something to distract Johann; her eyes rested on the housekeeping cart. She grabbed a fitted sheet off the cart, unfolding it.

Grabbing another chair, Johann motioned for Lee to sit down, and then bent over to tie Lee up. Lee tensed knowing what was about to happen. Amanda burst through the door throwing the sheet over Johann’s head.

Lee jumped up from the chair knocking Johann over, the gun sliding across the floor. Amanda bent down to pick it up and then ran over to Emily to untie her. Johann pulled away, throwing the sheet off him. He slammed his foot into Lee’s chest. Lee was momentarily winded. Johann threw a punch, but Lee ducked, just missing contact with Johann’s fist. Lee’s right hook made contact with Johann’s jaw and he stumbled backwards. Lee grabbed a hold of Johann’s neck and squeezed until he could feel the life draining from him.

“Lee, please stop. He’s not worth it,” Amanda yelled.

Lee let go of Johann and he fell to the floor, unconscious. Turning him over he placed handcuffs on Johann. Amanda ran up to Lee giving him a hug.

“Good show, Amanda,” Emily praised.

Lee pushed her back, so he could look her into her eyes. “Didn’t I tell you to stay in the room?”

Amanda nodded her head.

“Thank God, you never listen to me,” he laughed, pulling her back in for a warm embrace.


Berlin Wall

Berlin, West Germany

Monday, October 16, 1989

12:00 PM

Lee, Amanda and Emily stood outside the checkpoint of the Berlin Wall on the West German side. They observed protestors on both sides of the wall, shouting, “No more violence.”

“Wow. There must be over 100,000 thousand protestors here, today!” Lee said in awe.

“We’re witnessing history, Lee,” Emily stated.

“I heard a rumor that Erich Honecker plans on stepping down in a couple of days as Chancellor of East Germany,” Amanda said. “I honestly never thought I would see a unified Germany in my lifetime.”

“The times they are a changing,” Emily lamented. Looking over at Lee, she noticed him deep in thought. “It’s okay, Lee. I have no regrets.”

“No, Emily. It’s not that. It was just a lot easier when we knew exactly who our friends and enemies were.”

“Speaking of enemies—what did you do with Johann?” Amanda asked.

“Actually, we didn’t do anything with him,” Lee grinned mischievously.

Amanda looked at him in confusion.

“You see, Amanda dear,” Emily began. “Even if the Stasi are shredding the documents to hide their activities over the last forty years, our friend Johann left some important files in his room. It’s the names of double agents working at various spy agencies, throughout the western world. I’m interested in what the Russians, Romanians or East German agents will do with him, when they find out he sold out his countryman by ‘giving’ American agents those files.”

“Ohhhh,” Amanda said, understanding.

“How about I take my two favorite ladies to lunch before our flight? I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.” Lee put his arms around both of them.

“That sounds great.”

“No morning sickness, Lee?” Amanda teased.

“Morning sickness?” Emily looked sideways at Lee.

Lee looked back at Emily and smiled, as color slowly crept up his neck.

“Why don’t you ladies order, while I go make a call to Billy,” he said, walking off. “I’ll meet you at the pizzeria in a few minutes.”

Pizzeria Several Minutes Later

“Happy to report that Gorbachev made it safely back to the Kremlin. So what did you two order?” Lee slid into the booth.

“It’s the newest pizza, Lee. They call it a Cheeseburger pizza. It comes with cheese, hamburger, bacon and pickles.”

“Mmmm. Sounds good.”

The waitress put the pizza down in front of Lee. Lee took one look at it and his stomach began to churn. “Why are those pickles smiling at me?” he thought. Trying to push the feeling he was about to be sick out of his mind.

“What, Lee?” Amanda asked. “You look a little green.”

Lee shook his head. “I can do this,” he thought, grabbing a slice of pizza and put it on his plate. He took a sniff. “It smells—ahhh—I think I’m going to be sick. Excuse me,” he said, heading towards the bathroom.

Amanda and Emily shrugged their shoulders. “Leaves more for us,” Emily said, taking slice of pizza, she smiled.


Author’s Note: Two days later Erich Honecker resigned as Chancellor of East Germany. On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall opened; lifting travel restrictions between East and West Germany and on Oct 3, 1990, Germany was reunited.


  • By Adda, October 17, 2008 @ 7:35 pm

    Great job Anne! For some reason though I felt that I had read this before. *shrugs* But I am really enjoying the new season!

  • By Jennifer, October 17, 2008 @ 7:49 pm

    Great episode–I could picture everything as I was reading it and the plot was wonderful–the way you wove historical events into the story– This is shaping up to be one fantastic season! :)

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    Great story Anne! I love how you used actual historical events. Can’t wait for the next episode!

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    That’s a really great story. My first nine years I lived in East Germany, so this story is kind of personal for me. And I really liked it. Only the german parts weren’t always correct. Keep the good work up with this season.

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    I really enjoyed the story. It was great.

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    I enjoyed the story — very nice.

  • By Calinour72, April 20, 2009 @ 10:56 am

    I had a grin from ear to ear at the exchange between Lee, Amanda and the doctor. I was at work, by myself, and grinning like an idiot at my screen, if anyone watches the security footage they will think I have gone bonkers. Great story–keep them cominig.

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    so much history, the late 80s is rife with possibilities for our favorite couple. nicely done

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